What Different Flooring Options are there for Bathrooms?

It is always important to consider your lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic design when choosing the best flooring for your bathroom. You are probably looking for the best bathroom flooring that will hold up under certain demands of a humid and wet atmosphere while complementing your décor. Modern engineering and technology have created many more choices of bathroom flooring options in recent times. It is quite unfortunate that the number of options available is so many making it difficult for homeowners to choose the right flooring for their space. This article gives a simple guide to the different flooring options you can install in your bathroom and why they are the best.

1. Natural Stone Tiles

Tiles made from natural stones provide a luxurious look and feel to a bathroom. It is available in a variety of beautiful choices such as slate, travertine, marble, and granite. It is also possible to choose various textures like tumbled, sandblasted and etched. Natural stone tiles are highly durable and are slip-resistant. All these qualities make it one of the most expensive options for bathroom flooring. The only downside is that you will have to reapply a sealant and perform regular cleaning to keep it in good condition.

2. Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

The beauty about ceramic and porcelain tile is that you can choose from different color options. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about your floor being damaged by water or moisture. They look very clean and classy as they are easy to maintain. One of the downsides is that porcelain and ceramic tiles are hard to install and often feel cold on your feet. They can also be slippery depending on the selected type of texture or pattern.

3. Luxury Vinyl or Plank Flooring

This type of bathroom flooring is highly waterproof and gives a high-end look to a bathroom for a price. It comes in a number of options such as natural stone and beautiful wood. In addition, luxury vinyl tiles feel warm and soft on your feet so that you can enjoy stepping on them even during the cold season. However, it is not one of the most eco-friendly choices since most of these tiles usually emit VOCs. It is always important to check the manufacturer policy before making a purchase since other manufacturers offer safer options for plank flooring.

4. Cork Flooring

This is one of the most eco-friendly choices when it comes to bathroom flooring options. It is very easy to install making it an ideal option for people who conduct their own remodeling projects. Not only does it look attractive but also feels good on your feet. The anti-microbial properties of cork flooring make it resistant to both mold and mildew. Cork is one of the greenest options you expect to find as it is highly sustainable. Although cork flooring can be resistant to water, it is not waterproof, as it needs to be sealed with several layers of polyurethane.

5. Engineered Hardwood

Different homeowners have different taste and preferences when it comes to their home décor. If you are obsessed with hardwood running throughout your entire home, then you can choose engineered hardwood for your bathroom flooring. This type of wood is designed to hold up in rooms with high levels of moisture or humidity. They come in different styles, colors and patterns giving you the freedom of choice. Just like the cork flooring, engineered hardwood is resistant to water but not waterproof. This call for proper sealing that protects the wood from water damage. Any water that finds its way under the boards can cause excessive damage leading to mold invasion.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Bathroom Flooring

First, it is important to have an idea of all the types of bathroom flooring including their benefits and downsides. This helps you narrow down to the best type for your space based on your preferences, budget, and lifestyle. The price you are willing to pay for your bathroom flooring can also limit your options. If you are not certain about what you want, or you are confused with the multiple choices available, you can always stick with what is durable and offers lower maintenance.

Water and moisture can ruin the wrong flooring as it is always prevalent in bathrooms. The choices you make will be influenced by your preferences, lifestyle, and the price you are willing to pay to get the job done. Get to understand all the options and the reason why you need the selected type of flooring to guarantee longevity and easy maintenance.