5 Stylish Walk In Shower Flooring Options to Consider for Your Accessible Bathroom

The flooring part of your walk in shower design project is crucial because it helps make your bathroom more accessible. The flooring is important because it is where you will be stepping on while in the bathroom. For those individuals with mobility problems, the flooring has to be styled in such a way that it reduces slips and falls. Safety and comfort are always at the forefront of a walk in shower flooring project. Therefore, you need to ensure everything is done according to your preference. This article looks at five stylish walk in shower flooring options that you should consider when designing an accessible bathroom.

  1. Porcelain Tile

When it comes to selecting a good walk in shower flooring, porcelain is one material that should be at the top of your list. Porcelain is made from clay and thus has a hard exterior that is able to resist water, staining, odors, and bacteria. Since porcelain is an impervious material, it makes an outstanding option for your bathroom flooring.

If you decide to install porcelain tiles in your walk in shower, you will have a wide array of sizes, colors, shapes, and designs to choose from. This gives you even greater customization options for your accessible bathroom. You can even go ahead to create a unique design with porcelain tiles.

  1. Cork Flooring

Cork makes a good flooring option because it not only feels good on your feet, but is also soft and warm. These are important properties to be considered by individuals with mobility and health issues. You do not want to shower in a cold environment, as that might aggravate the little health problems you are having.

Cork flooring also comes with the ability to resist both mold and mildew, making it a healthy accessible bathroom flooring choice. Furthermore, cork is probably one of the greenest bathroom options you can find in the market, meaning that it is very sustainable.

Despite all these, cork is not waterproof and you may need to seal it with polyurethane to protect it from water damage.

  1. Vinyl Flooring

If you are in search of an inexpensive and practical flooring option for your walk in bathroom, vinyl is one material that you have to consider. Vinyl is water resistant, an attribute that makes it ideal for the bathroom due to its susceptibility to moisture. Offered to you as either vinyl floor tiles or planks, vinyl is quite easy to install and you can even do this as a DIY job.

If you are a homeowner that loves the natural look of hardwood, vinyl is a material that will offer you with exactly that, while still providing you with water-resistant properties not found in wood. When you make the decision to go with vinyl flooring, then you will have a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns to choose from. Depending on your preference, you can decide to go with contemporary or modern designs.

  1. Engineered Hardwood

If you still want to have the look and feel of natural hardwood in your bathroom, then consider installing engineered hardwood. This is real wood but has several layers of veneer at the top, making it a solid material for your accessible bathroom. The material can easily withstand high humidity and moisture levels.

If you decide to go with engineered hardwood, you will have a wide variety of colors, styles, species, and shapes to choose from. However, engineered hardwood is probably the most expensive flooring option for bathrooms.

  1. Natural Stone

Natural stone is an incredible flooring option for walk in bathrooms. However, the material is quite expensive and it is thus a choice for those homeowners that can afford it. The main reason why natural stone makes a good material is that it is aesthetically pleasing, hard to touch, and most importantly durable. Natural stone also returns an incredible resale value.

Despite all these, natural stone flooring can be slippery and cold at times. However, you can deal with this problem by installing radiant heating. You can also handle the slipperiness by texturing the stone with sandblasting. However, these practices can be very expensive.

Walk in shower flooring is an important element of any accessible bathroom design. Bathroom slips and falls are quite common among people with mobility problems. The main cause of these accidents is bad flooring. It is for this reason that you need to pay a lot of attention when selecting the best material for your bathroom floors. If you want to enjoy taking showers without the risk of tripping and falling, then consider the aforementioned stylish options. If you are still not sure about the best choice for your specific bathroom, consider reaching out to professionals for assistance.