Our Company Operates On
Passion And Compassion

We can sum up our company perfectly to you in two words…

Passion: “Intense desire or enthusiasm.”

Compassion: “Concerned awareness of others’ distress, and an eagerness to alleviate it.”

At Bathroom Pros, we understand the importance of a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable bathing experience. And it’s our burning passion to provide you with exactly that.

On time. On target. On budget.

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It’s All About You

We’re a family-owned company with a singular mission: to help you get the right bathroom for your current and future needs.

We serve everyone who needs us. But our primary focus is bathroom solutions for seniors and those with mobility issues. From walk-in tubs and showers to a wide range of practical safety accessories, we offer all you need for an easy and stress-free bathing experience.

Bottom line: You don’t have to adapt to your bathroom. We adapt your bathroom to YOU.

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What We Stand For

a list of bathroom pro core values

The foundation of everything we do stems from our Core Values. These are the etched-in-stone principles we follow on every job—no exceptions.

  • Loyalty
  • Enthusiasm
  • Accountability
  • Growth
  • Discipline
  • Believe


To see how these concepts guarantee YOU amazing results, visit our Core Values page. And if you’re having any questions about our services, explore our FAQ page.


Meet Our Owner, Ed O’Neill

Meet Our Vice President, Eddie O’Neill

Now Meet Our Bathroom Design Consultants!

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